One man's trash is another man's treasure

I went to my brothers house this past weekend. Boy, did I hit the JACKPOT!! Their neighbors had cleaned out their garage and were throwing away so many amazing things. I guess the saying "One man's trash is another mans treasure" was a definite in this case. 

We left with a skateboard, a five man tent in perfectly good condition, rollerblades, a bike, an electric scooter, a regular scooter. My brother took some great stuff as well. I should have taken a picture of it all. It was Crazy!! I asked them why they weren't at least donating it and they said they didn't have the time. I was shocked because around here, you just call the Red Cross and they will come pick up items and they don't even charge you. It's a simple phone call!! They said they didn't want to wait. All I could imagine was the garbage men taking these perfectly great items and throwing them in a landfill. What a waste!!! What a great weekend to stop at my Brother's house!

I packed things happily and giddy into the van until I couldn't possibly fit one more item. My husband rolled his eyes, as he let me know how many projects I have to finish, knowing these things could easily crowd our garage. I thought, hey, if we don't use them, we can sell them, and at the least we can give them away or donate them. I have a hard time watching people throw out stuff that can be used by others. These neighbors were literally throwing things away. I just about died because there were things that in my opinion should at least be donated!

As you can see in this picture, the bike these people were throwing away was the same bike that my daughter has!! Yes, it squeaked a little, but not bad enough to throw away. Avery had friends over and they had a great time riding bikes, but after a few weeks I ended up selling it for $40. Not a lot of cash, but someone got a great deal and I was able to make a few extra bucks!

The skateboard we ended up taking was way better than the one we had at home and it has become Boston's favorite toy. Now both boys can use skateboard with out having to fight over it. Boston is actually pretty great on a skateboard, unlike his momma! He may just want to snowboard this year instead of ski. I guess we'll find out!


Heather said...

yay I love all your new posts!! Just makes me want to go to Orlando though :( That bike is amazing! You were meant to visit your brother on that day. Glad Jared could be there too. Cannot believe Avery will be a 6th grader next year! I'm ready for another trip to Washington and Florida!

Sister Morris said...

Let's get some Christmas updates and send me some pictures for my wall. Love, Gma M