School Bells a Ringin!

I'm sure I'm not the only Mom that is excited for school to start back up. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and we have all kind of fun together during the summer, but the week before school starts my kids are ready to get back and see their friends again, the whole house is full of anticipation. It is so nice to have a break during the summer, but almost just as nice to have a schedule and have a few moments to myself, kid free. The kids were excited for school to start this year. Avery will be in the 5th grade- last year for Elementary school in our neck of the woods. Boston will be in the second grade and Van will be a big Preschooler! Happy first Day!

 Avery was so excited for school to start. As a 5th grader, she is now apart of the Eyewitness Eagles News crew and was lucky enough to be chosen to be on the morning news the first day of school with her friend Noemi.

This was the first year Boston did NOT want to be walked to his class. He's a big second grader now. As I watched him confidently walk up the stairs by himself I realized how independent he has become. I wish I could say he looked back and blew me a kiss, but nope- not this kid. He didn't even look back to see if I was still watching him. That's Boston for ya- not that he doesn't love us but he is definitely growing up and trying to show us that he's o.k. doing things on his own.

Next stop was Van's Preschool. As he impatiently waited with his arms crossed, eyebrows scrunched in, and a few foot impatient foot stomps at the elementary school, he was all smiles as we rushed to the car to take him to school. It was finally his turn! He was so excited to go to school with his new batman backpack. He was giddy as he walked through the doors. As we walked through the doors, he did get quiet. That's how Van is. He likes to observe. I wouldn't be surprised if he only said a few words that day. It takes him a while to warm up but it doesn't mean he doesn't like it, he actually loves school. He just likes to warm up to everyone first. I know he's going to have a great year!

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