Happy Father's Day

So lately every time Boston gets in trouble he says "You are the MEANEST Dad/Mom in the WORLD!!!" Kevin thought it would be so funny to get a shirt that said that on it, and what perfect day to give it to him? Father's day! We made him a shirt and this is what it looked like. I put the saying on the front and the kids faces on the back. Kevin is quite the joker so yes this wasn't something he felt bad about (he actually thought of it). He loved it and we love him. Happy Fathers Day to one of the most incredible guys I know! You amaze me! Love ya Kev!

They also made this with no help at all. I think it turned out perfect!

Hey "Mr Goodbar"
This is from us "Junior Mints"
You are one "Hot tamale"
You are "extra" funny
You are very "Special" to us
Happy "watchamacallit" day
Love your "3 musketeers"


Holly said...

Trevor and I got a kick out of this! Trev says to tell you "You are a great Mom and you have special kids." That is a quote!

Erika said...

What a cute idea! I miss you guys, and my sweet little cousins :(

Tori said...

So cute!