Memorial Weekend

This memorial day we decided to stay up at my parents condo in Merritt Island. Unfortunately for us when we got to the beach, there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE, and not just a few hundred- thousands and thousands. I didn't dare get in the water. I have never seen the beach looked like that, EVER! It was disappointing and really cool all at the same time.

So instead of the beach we decided to go to the local aquatic center and had a great time. They have a diving board and a really fun slide that the kids loved. They also had a huge splash park. Lucky for us, Ryan and Tori have an awesome underwater camera so for hours we had fun just taking pictures.
Owen and Van had fun swimming together.
I'm so glad they live so close to us! They a great little buddies!

Boston Jack Attack

love the clouds above Ty in this pic

Avery and Kaelie weren't into tanning (thankfully) instead they decided to stay under their towels and play with their electronic gadgets and not get burnt. Miles is my youngest nephew. He is such a little sweetie and so happy all the time!

my two favorite pictures of van. I love his hair in the underwater one and I love that his swim suit was barely holding on. He was obsessed with shooting his water gun.

Avery and Kaelie. Gotta love Avery's face.

Aves and I

Kevin is always making faces and is probably about ready to kill me for posting this

Love this of Boston jumping off the diving board

Ry Ry

So at the end of the day I think I preferred the aquatic center over the beach anyways. It was a great memorial day weekend and lots of fun spending time with family.

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Cassie said...

I love Kevins face. I haven't shown it to Jason or he'll get a kick out of it too. Your family is just to cute!!!